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Master Thesis

Panama, “Renewable Energies Electricity Generation Project for the Kuchaveli Division in Trinvomalee, Sri Lanka

Bulgaria, “Climate Risk Assessment of Urban Kathmandu Nepal

Ruanda, “Power Market Regulation and Energy Purchase Mechanisms for grid-connected IPPs in Tanzania

Germany, “Modeling and Evaluation of Partial Shadow Effect on Photovoltaic System Energy Output in Matlab Simulink Engineering Tool

Bangladesh, “Introducing of Renewable Energy in Existing Energy Use System of an Urban Residential Area in Bangladesh

Germany, “Technical and Economic Assessment of Village Grid Power Supply Options for Rural Electrification in the Peruvian Amazon – Case of Loreto

Germany, “Evaluation of a Household Load Transfer Field Research as part of the Virtual Power Plant Project in the Regenerative Model Region of Harz, Central German Uplands

Germany, “Impacts of Low-Cost Solar Applications on Rural Livelihood in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies from Tanzania

Nigeria, “Anaerobic Fermentation of Spent Grains: Potential use in Small-Scale Biodigesters in Rural Communities of Jos, Nigeria

Spain, “Monitoring small Biogas Digesters in Rural Areas of Bolivian Valley and Highlands

Germany, “The National Energy Efficiency Program (PEE) in the Low-Income Sector in Brazil – Analysis and Suggestions for Improvement

Bulgaria, “Evaluation of EU Member States’ Policy Instruments for the Use of Renewable Heat in the Building Sector

Bangladesh, “Prospects of Biogas Production from Municipal Organic Waste (Household Bio Waste) and Power Generation Potential for Dhaka, Bangladesh

Germany, “Renewable Energies and their Impact on the GHG Inventory of Municipalities – Case Study: Hervey Bay in Australia

Bulgaria, “Photovoltaic Potential in Industrial Zones. The Case of Strazhitsa

Indonesia, “Forecasting and Analysis of the Potential Renewable Resources for Ecuador´s Power Sector (2012 – 2032)

Ghana, “Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Decentralized Stand-alone Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electrification on Rural Livelihoods: Experiences in the Upper West Region of Ghana

Germany, “A Water-Energy Assessment at Basin Scale

Chile, “Training and Promotion of the National Biodigester Programme in Cambodia: A Study of Effectiveness and Management Quality

Kenya, “Woodfuel Value Chains in Kenya and Rwanda ; Economic Analysis of the Market Orient Woodfuel Sector

Application Deadlines

DAAD Scholarships: Applicants from DAC-list countries can apply until September 30th each year preceding enrollment

Foreign applicants: until March 31st each year

German applicants: until June 10th each year

Examination regulations

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