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Master Thesis

Ethiopia: “Analysis of Ethiopian Energy System Transition towards Renewable Energy Sector Expan”

China: “Investment analysis and social impacts of the implementation of agriphotovoltaic technology. A case study in the rural area of East China”

Germany: “Optimization and development of Mould Level Control with MATLAB/Simulink and Comparison of energy consumption between the electric and hydraulic drive unit”

Germany: “Battery Energy Storage System for an energy intensive industry: A technical and economic feasibility study”

Ghana: “Localization of Photovoltaic System Components and Processes in Emerging Economies (Focus: Ghana)”

Germany: “Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production A Top-Down Investigation of possible technological Production Scenarios”

Germany: “Assessment of economic benefit of Battery Energy Storage Systems coupling with wind parks, based on Germany’s power market”

Mongolia: “Development of Decarbonization Pathways in the Power Sector of Mongolia”

Germany: “Calibration of a Utility Energy Spot Market Model”

Germany: “Weiterentwicklung der Qualitätsregulierung von Stromnetzbetreibern in Deutschland”

Germany: “Power-to Hydrogen: A Cost analysis of hydrogen refueling stations in Germany”

Brazil: “Assessment of the optimum Renewable Energy facility for Sustainable Aviation Fuel production: Implementing Power-to-Liquid as production pathway in São Sebastião (DF), Brazil”

Germany: “The Role of Renewable Energy for Future Electricity Demand in Selected EU Member States”

Egypt: “Market Entry Assessment for Renewable Energy Technology in Egypt: A Case Study About Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)”

Germany: “Enhancing the Tracking Efficiency of a Parabolic Trough Collector Based Solar Thermal System”

Germany: “Science-to-Market Gap Analysis for Renewable Energy Technologies (RET): Promotion of Research-as-a-Service (Raas)”

Pakistan: “Electricity demand forecast and supply scenarios for Pakistan”

Morocco: “Water scenarios modelling for renewable energy development in Southern Morocco”

Nepal: “Sun on the Roof of theWorld: the Potential for Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaics in Nepal”

Brazil: “Commercialization of electricity from renewable energy sources in the Brazilian free contracting environment (ACL): portfolio management of energy traders.”

United Arab Emirates: “Design and Engineering of Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage Systems Integrated as a Micro Smart Grid: Meeting Commercial Facility Demand including Electric
Vehicle Chargers in Dubai.”

Germany: “Developing Data Transmission Methods for Environmental Monitoring”

Uganda: “Alternatives for Cooking Fuel in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Kakira in the Eastern Region of Uganda”

Kenya: “Assessment of a Small-Scale Biogas Energy Supply Project in Kenya”

Mali: “Leap Modelling for Mali’s Energy supply”

Germany: “Thermal energy recovery from treated waste water – Analysis of large scale heat pumps for urban heat supply in Cologne, Germany”

Niger: “Energy Scenario Analysis of Niamey (Niger): The Role of Renewable Energy and Related Grid Expansion”

Germany: “Impedance Measurement for Future Electricity Grid”

Mali: “Systemic Monitoring and Impact Evaluation for Sustainable development Interventions”

Germany: “Development of a Calculation Tool to Assess the Influence of Market Scenarios on the Profitability of PV Systems in Germany until 2050”

Germany: “Compensation of the Increasing Share of Renewable Energy in Electrical Grids with Seasonal Storage: A Case Study ofthe Amprion Network in Germany”

Brazil: “Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) of the Production and Supply of Aviation Fuel in Brazil A Cost Mapping Approach of Comparable Scenarios for the implementation of Alternative Jet

Germany: “Electricity Transmission Modeling in a Multiregional Energy System Model including Power-to-Mobility Pathways”

Germany: “Entwicklung eines Indikatorensystems zur Technologieübertragbarkeit – Der Batterieoberleitungsbus in Solingen”

Thailand: “Technical and Financial Feasibility Study of Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste in Thailand”

Germany: “Optimized modeling of electrical storage heating systems: Development of a thermal room load model”

Afghanistan: “Analysis of Hybrid Power System Bases on Rural Electrification, Case Study; Afghanistan, Khost Province, Spera District”

Cyprus: “100% renewable energy charging of electric vehicles in the Republic of Cyprus: Assessment of present and future electricity consumption and energy storage needs”

Jordan/Oman: “A Comparative Analysis of The Renewable Energy Markets in Developing Countries, Focusing on The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and The Sultanate of Oman”

Germany: “Development of a Benchmarking Methodology for the Analysis and Optimization of Biomethane Plants”

Germany: “Sizing of PV Diesel Hybrid System with Battery Storage and Performance Simulation”

Germany: “Potential Transition Scenarios of the Steel Industry Energy Supply: The Case of Germany”

Germany: “Thermal Management of Solid State Battery Systems in Electromobility Applications”

Algeria: “Modelling the Energy Supply Scenarios for Algeria“

Germany: “Energy Efficiency Benchmarks for enterprises within the German producing sector: A comparison of energy indicators and its relation to energy management”

Germany: “Life Cycle Assessment of Methanol Production based on Renewable Hydrogen and Recycled Carbon Dioxide (Power-to-Methanol)”

Nepal: “Cost-Benefit Analysis of an Evaporative Cooling System for On-Farm Storage of Fruits and Vegetables – a case study of Cool Storage of Mandarin Oranges in the Western Mid-Hills of

Germany: “Analysis of textured solar modules combined with mirror concentration under German (Cologne) climate condition”

Mexico: “Development of a Renewable Energy Based Decentral Mini-Grid for a Remote Village in Mexico”

Phillipines: “Analysis of Renewable Energy Policy Mechanism: For the assessment of the Philippines Renewable Energy Outlook”

Germany: “Development of a Python Model For Electricity Retail Prices in Germany under Present Regulatory Framework and Future Expectations of High Re Penetrations”

Nepal: “Modeling and Analysis of Long Term Energy Demand and Supply Projection and it’s Environmental Impact (A case study of Algeria and Nepal)”

Germany: “Concept of a Resilient Smart Grid System Based on Ripple Control”

Niger: “Energy Supply Security. Sustainable City Modelling for Niamey, Niger”

Germany: “Investigation of Market Potential of Polymer based PVT Collector”

Serbia: “Desktop-based Due Diligence for PV Projects in Serbia – Case Power Plant in Prokuplje 50 kW”

Germany: “Systems Thinking in Energy Efficiency Planning: Evaluation of a Framework for Energy Efficiency Action Plans”

Nigeria: “Feasibility Study for a Solar-PV- (Hybrid) System for Small Businesses in Lagos, Nigeria”

Germany: “Set up of a model for forecasting wind generation profiles for Germany”

Chile: “Implementacion de una Metodologia Didactica para la carrera Instalador Electrico Autorizado y Fotovoltaica empleando una Planta FV de 40 kW en la Fundacion Cristo Vive en Chile”

Senegal: “Desining a PV-Diesel Hybrid System for Rural Areas in Senegal”

Mexico: “Assessment of sustainable energy systems integration for Business Hotels in Mexico”

Indonesia: “Renewable Energy Policy Assessment for Indonesian Power Market”

Germany: “Modelling of the pan-European Power Generation from Hydroelectric Power Plants”

Germany: “Monitoring and Mapping Solutions Using Sensor Nodes and Drones”

Vietnam: “Energieberatung für Privathaushalte (Energy Consulting for Private Households)”

Germany: “The Political Economy of Renewable Energy Transition in a Developing Country”

Germany: “Management thermischer Energiebedarfe in Brauprozessen”

Brazil: “Energy, Water and Sanitation Governance A Nexus Policy Assessment of the Universalization of Water Supply and Sanitation Services in Brazil”

Brazil: “Sugarcane Residue Flows in North Fluminense and their Energetic and Economic Potential for a Pyrolytic Upgrade”

Tanzania: “Assessing the Wind Energy Market Entry Potential in Tanzania – risks and opportunities associated with a Market Entry from a Wind Project Developer’s Perspective”

Germany: “Electrical Stability of PV Modules Operating in Various Open-Air Climates”

Germany: “Techno-Economic Assessment of Retrofitting Concepts for Parabolic Trough Power Plants with Solar Towers”

Turkey: “Energy Retrofits for Residential Buildings in Different Climates of Turkey: Adopting Cost Optimality Analysis in the Context of Energy Performance of Buildings Directive”

Colombia: “Adequate Location and Technology Choice for Small and Micro Hydro Power in Remote Areas of Colombia – Applying the Height Above Nearest Drainage Elevation Model to the
Chinchin River in Manizales, Caldas”

Bolivia: “Sustainability Assessment of Micro Hydropower Projects in Bolivia”

Colombia: “Small-scale Biogas Plant Diffusion Under Community-Led Initiatives: Analysis and Scalability of the Case of Asproinca in Colombia”

Germany: “Hunting the Wind – Wind Energy Resources Assessment in Complex Terrain”

Algeria: “Energy Conservation Supply Curve of a Sand and Gravel Producer in the District of Tlemcen, Algeria”

Uganda: “Sustainability Assessment of Hydropower in Ghana: A Case Study of the Akosombo Hydroelectric Project on the Volta River Basin of Ghana”

Bolivia: “Rational Electrification Plan for a Sustainable Development of low Income Communities Case Study Villa Alcira and San Miguel del Bala, Bolivia”

Colombia: “Techno-economic feasibility study of solar and wind based Irrigation Systems in Northern Colombia”

Vietnam: “Wind Energy Systems Life Cycle Assessment Comparison”

Iran: “Modelling impact of energy efficiency strategies on energy consumption and GHG emissions; Case study of Tehran”

Sri Lanka: “Renewable Energies Electricity Generation Project for the Kuchaveli Division in Trinvomalee, Sri Lanka”

Nepal: “Climate Risk Assessment of Urban Kathmandu Nepal”

Tanzania: “Power Market Regulation and Energy Purchase Mechanisms for grid-connected IPPs in Tanzania”

Germany: “Modeling and Evaluation of Partial Shadow Effect on Photovoltaic System Energy Output in Matlab Simulink Engineering Tool”

Bangladesh: “Introducing of Renewable Energy in Existing Energy Use System of an Urban Residential Area in Bangladesh”

Peru: “Technical and Economic Assessment of Village Grid Power Supply Options for Rural Electrification in the Peruvian Amazon – Case of Loreto”

Germany: “Evaluation of a Household Load Transfer Field Research as part of the Virtual Power Plant Project in the Regenerative Model Region of Harz, Central German Uplands”

Thailand: “Technical and economic potential of decentralised renewable energy systems on Krang Island, Thailand”

Tanzania: “Impacts of Low-Cost Solar Applications on Rural Livelihood in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies from Tanzania”

Nigeria: “Anaerobic Fermentation of Spent Grains: Potential use in Small-Scale Biodigesters in Rural Communities of Jos, Nigeria”

Bolivia: “Monitoring small Biogas Digesters in Rural Areas of Bolivian Valley and Highlands”

Brazil: “The National Energy Efficiency Program (PEE) in the Low-Income Sector in Brazil – Analysis and Suggestions for Improvement”

Bulgaria: “Evaluation of EU Member States’ Policy Instruments for the Use of Renewable Heat in the Building Sector”

Bangladesh: “Prospects of Biogas Production from Municipal Organic Waste (Household Bio Waste) and Power Generation Potential for Dhaka, Bangladesh”

Australia: “Renewable Energies and their Impact on the GHG Inventory of Municipalities – Case Study: Hervey Bay in Australia”

Bulgaria: “Photovoltaic Potential in Industrial Zones. The Case of Strazhitsa”

Ecuador: “Forecasting and Analysis of the Potential Renewable Resources for Ecuador´s Power Sector (2012 – 2032)”

Ghana: “Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Decentralized Stand-alone Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electrification on Rural Livelihoods: Experiences in the Upper West Region of Ghana”

Germany: “A Water-Energy Assessment at Basin Scale”

Cambodia: “Training and Promotion of the National Biodigester Programme in Cambodia: A Study of Effectiveness and Management Quality”

Kenya: “Woodfuel Value Chains in Kenya and Rwanda ; Economic Analysis of the Market Orient Woodfuel Sector”

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